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[Journaling](Day 27) Past and Present

I don't wanna do thiiiis it's too late and i'm tired

Long day.

Started at 10 with Expression Techniques, and it was intensely boring. I played some 5D Chess I think. That was fun.

Then, a 6h long break upon which I greatly progressed on my practicals, and got some rest too. I kept watching Dark, more on that later.

In the end, Russian class. I really like these. Very interesting language overall.

Today was very tough on me. Like, very very tough. Like, I lost the fight once more. I feel like losing it, and the edge is running ever so closer to me every day.

When will I fall?

Still struggling with my gender. Will the egg crack? 4chan never helps. I don't know why I still go there. Morbid curiosity, I suppose.

But it's always painful overall.

Read the Null HypotheCis eventually. It's a good read for anyone.

I am so tired atm.

Yes, Dark. An amazing thriller about time travel and missing children. German production. Sorta helps my pronunciation.

Also, Paramore got the clip for Running Out of Time out today. Felt like a fucking trip on acid.
In the same idea, new Periphery single. An amazing one.

I almost cried today. I didn't manage. We'll see another day.

Broke open a new razor to get the blades. Cut my indexes on the way. Fuck. It's not the right pain.

This day brought me a lot of struggles. But also a few more songs to listen to.

Tomorrow will be tiring.

I am tired as I end this post. Oh so tired. Oh so tired.

Good night, lone reader. One last stretch before the weekend.

Tend to do my best when everything goes wrong
That's why sad songs make me happy
'Cause I don't have to feel alone - Sometimes You're the Hammer, Sometimes You're the Nail - A Day to Remember

Laporte, signing off. Stay strong.

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