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second and hopefully last day of creepy guy

CONTEXT: last blog, + we are afab and femme presenting, and we go to public schools

so today durring my 4th period i was very tired and non social yk? i was just planning to listen to twin fantasy [happy birthday face to face, mwah lob u], and he kept making me pause it so he could be like "yea when i first started deadlifting, you probably dont know what that is, but i started at 300 and people were like wow you're so strong" and I kid you not he said he was built different with 0 irony or nun,, he genuinely just was like "yep. i am diffferent.",, and his leg hair?? and like omegaul esex [and in general]?? and was bragging abt just the weirdest shit,,

he also basically confirmed he was also watching me around hallowen time [but he didnt say watching but its like,, dude you were watching me..] and since before that cuz he described it as if he already knew me atp and its like??? i was HARDLY 15 then fucking HARDLY and this bitch is like,, an upper classman?? like only a grade above but you can tell he just is and looks sm older than me

and just a bunch of odd shit like that

 anwyays i keep like  going really quietly "cool" or "nice" and then going back to my shit,, and so he forces me to speak with him on google docs and its like ???? and it sucked cuz then i HAD to talk to them

and you could tell he was getting pissy that i was ignoring him so he fuckin was all "wow you really like that music huh" on the doc and i just nodded and turned it up because ffs if car seat headrest cant help me mentally get through this nothing can

then he kept bugging me abt who i was listening to and so i told him


image description:

[ His text: Who is dat

My text: Car seat headrest consists of William Toledo, Ethan Ives, Andrew Katz,, and Seth Dalby. They make really sick music and have been for a while lolol ,, their newest album has a whole diff vibe from the old stuff, its called Making A door less open, i love all their shit tho ]

I had already told him really short answrs before this but he kept persisting and was hoping this would just get him off my back but then he searched them up on youtube and i felt my heart drop bc plz dont ruin csh for me i cannot handle that mentally

and then he kept telling me just random shit and whenever i would type he would look away or call to someone else in the class and talk to them,, mean while im texting my friends and live tweeting so legit anyone will give me advice on what to do

but then eventually he does the incel pick up line where hes like "man ur so coool i bet whoever is ur bf is so lucky to have you" and shit like that i kinda skimmed it cuz its the same creepy shit random incels drop in girls DMs but irl, and i just go "pog" and he goes "am I right though about ur relationship" and im shaking in my boots and i just lie and go "yea" and this finally gets him off my desk and turned around but he kept messing with me and stood over me behind me for like,, random parts of lunch before going to sit at a table by me and my friends [which is weird bc b4 he found out where i eat lunch he wasn't over there so why is he there still?]


[also like after this he was like oh yea i wish its so hard 4 me n shit]

anyways my friend was like "yea thats weird" and I was like "yea it suckkkss" and she said "yea i can tell him off with you" and i said "tyyyy" so if it continues ig we will do that

also i told them id go and see my councilor to maybe get my study hall moved to like,, a different class but i dont wanna tell her abt the situatiion, and i SURE AS HELL don't want my family involved all coupled with the fact that itz really embarrasing to be in this situation so i guess i will just stay silent for now

and i also walked hoem the usually way [the one hes been watching me at] today because the trees were too muddy :(

i hope this all ends soon

also side note: i have a friend in that class and they are really tall and \ and like,, spooky lookin and shit and so i kept lookin back at them like "dawg ik we hardly know each other but plz send help" but they were just drawin pictured with they air pods in and the dichotomy of me being here about to piss mysekf in fear right next to a dude who is drawin silly /pos lil photos was great. that and joking with my one irl thru text about our one teacher was the only way i was able to calm down, even a bit then. my friend said i shouldve said they were my bf but i dont think that would go over well bc they would b all like "????" and that hypothetical is very funny to me x3

but yea, lame

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