mid feb life update


ok so not a lot happened but also a lot happened

We celebrated my younger siblings bday and it was kinda cool
the sandwich i got at the restaurant was soggy as FUCK and the carrot cake had nuts in it :// but otherwise everything was cool ig

my ptv vinyl came in!! i got the limited edition coke bottle clear one bc i,, was one of their top listeners apparently LMAO
i havent listened to the album yet but emergency contact and pass the nirvana are absolute BANGERZ so i trust itll be good

didn't end up going driving w my dad but its whatever, im terrified of driving anyway

now valentines day,,,,, was v interesting,,,,,,,,,,
My friend gave me a cool lil letter (AND FINALLY DREW A CHICKEN) and it was very sweet and its on my wall now
i wanna make vday letters for my friends so i can tell them how much i appreciate them but im SO bad at wording things and explaining how i feel so itd just suck </3 theyd probs appreciate the thought but STILL 
another friend made cookies n they were vv good, and another made lil goodie bags w bracelets and candy and it was so awesome, and someone in art made cookies for everyone which were also delish

now for the fun part

a truck carrying nitric acid crashed! and it was leaking for an hour b4 they realized how bad it was!!! and i could smell it from my school like 3 or 4  miles away!!! and then like two other car crashes happened afterwards bc traffic was BAD and nobody in AZ knows how to fucking drive
it took me an hour to get home and so many roads were entirely filled up
i have pictures but i dont wanna #doxx myself 

initially they were gonna delay school for 2hrs to help w traffic but they ended up causing more gas to come out while they were cleaning it up, so they just canceled school entirely yesterday

i still got to go to therapy bc its a while in the other direction
it was just an intake appointment, so all it rlly was was just me answering the same questions ive been doing since i was 8 and talking abt fam history w mental illness
but yeah it was chill, she complimented my drawings :D

I was gonna make cookies for my friends yesterday, but i ended up not being able to bc i didnt feel like doing the dishes and then i played dst w a couple friends instead
i used to make cookies like all the time n bring them to school but i jus havent been baking much :/

uhh my anxiety like kicked my ass the last couple days, between an actual hazmat situation and my already bad thoughts where im scared something bad will happen to someone i care abt, i couldnt think too hard abt anything yesterday and i couldnt get out of bed this morning bc i was so fuckin scared for no reason

uhhh i have a half day tmrw, so ill probably be working on my art project bc its a whole ass comic (im gonna struggle so bad) or gaming w the homies
knowing me ill probably actuallu lay in bed all day LMAOOOO

but yeah thats all

see you later mothers fuckers n others, and stay fresh cheesebags!

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