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personal goals for 2023

in no particular order ~
  • healthier eating habits
  • pass this semester of classes with all A's
  • finish writing one story to completion
  • start one of the interactive fiction novels on twine or ren'py
  • start concept art for the game
  • make 2 new friends by the end of the year
  • practice public speaking (for the sake of my major)
  • read 10 novels (non fiction)
  • create 10 new layouts
  • get a new job (that I actually like)
  • buy less things I don't need
  • get started on my sewing projects
  • do some embroidery projects
  • create playlists of songs for my novels
  • learn some more coding skills
  • lose weight haha
  • talk a little more with my sisters
  • improve my digital art
  • finish some bujo posts
  • dye my hair a coral color after it grows a bit more shoulder length
  • learn how to do my makeup cuz I suck at it T_T
  • take better notes for classes
  • study !!! (ewwwwww)
  • don't procrastinate !! (ewwwwww x2)
  • learn 3 new cooking recipes
  • create a new daily schedule
  • wake up early
  • be kind to myself
  • do monthly self reflections (to stop becoming numb at everything)
  • find 10 new music artists to listen to
  • get 20 of my genshin characters to level 80 and then world level up
  • grow my nails to paint them
  • improve writing skills
  • start drinking tea
  • study some math
  • learn to pause life and enjoy the simple moments
  • learn a few new vocab words
  • find something that's completely 'mine'
  • make it to one AGUST D concert (if im not broke lol)
  • learn more about horticulture
  • post more about myself in spacehey
  • open up to my sisters more
  • go long distance hiking at least 5 times
  • create a budget and stick to it
  • meditate more
  • read 4 books in spanish
  • start a new mobile game
  • delete all the junk mail in my email box (I got like 4000+ unread emails fml)
  • create a dream log
  • write a monthly reflection
  • watch 6 new movies
  • visit 2 museums
  • do an escape room with my sisters
  • reach out to at least 5 of my favorite authors and send them encouraging messages
  • create two vision boards
  • donate blood
  • decide which college I want to transfer to
  • think about getting a therapist? idk
  • smile more
  • start taking vitamins
  • post more on instagram (I only have one pic of myself lol)
  • write a review of the stories I've been reading (manhwa/webtoons/webnovels)
  • study mobile game design
  • have a nice and relaxing birthday dinner
  • trust myself
  • pay off my phone
  • catch up on the animes I've missed because of school
  • get closer to my faith
  • start getting items on my prepper list
  • add at least another 30 people on spacehey

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