windows.inventory script!

hey guys  today we are diving (ocean joke) into how to make a windows inventory script!!! {}

it's a bit janky but! idgaf rlyyy

>>> <<<

here's the github link !! ! ! !!! !! ! 

antynays so lets walk through what the fucm k it does

shoutout to ethan (xfaraday) for the majority of help w this and also like learning reverse engeinnreing and binexploitng

basically. this will use the windows powershell and make it like #coolgirl vibes . make sure to run as admin / use Set-ExecutionPolicy bypass so u can run it *(o.u)* 

once u run ./heybigeyes.ps1, it'll spit out smoke.txt and sunset.txt, smoke stores like basic inven shit and sunset goes a bit more in-depth w windows inventory. 

this is for ccdc which . im not competing in this year but i will be next year can i get a yasss... anyways sty tuned for some (non)binary exploitation walkthroughs

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