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1. Nickname.

My nickname is gnat!

2. Height.

I am 5'5

3. Eye color.


4. Hair color.

Brown, but I might dye it black and blonde soon!!

5. Siblings.

I am the oldest of 3

6. Do you read a lot?

Not super often but I love to read!

7. Crush.

I don't have one as of right now

8. Relationship status.


9. Sexuality.

I'm like 99% sure I'm gay

10. Obsession.

Stardew Valley

11. Favorite store.

Honestly I really like BoxLunch

13. Cat or dog person?


14. Biggest celeb crush (woman).

Idk if this counts but Dylan Mulvaney!!

15. Biggest celeb crush (man).

Chris Evans 

16. Idea of a perfect date.

I want to go on a cute coffee shop/bookstore date so bad

17. Comfort characters?

Harvey from stardew valley

18. Best friend(s).

Fifi and Morgan!!

19. Last time you cried.

Yesterday lol

20. Do you give second chances?

Yes because I am stupid

21. Favorite animal.


22. Favorite sport team(s).

I guess the St.Louis Cardinals, I don't really care much for sports

23. Favorite color.


24. Favorite flower.

Roses! Specifically blue ones

25. Most important person.

My grandma <3

26. Are you a jealous person?

Depends on the situation

27. Biggest wish.

To be successful

28. Favorite video game.


29. Favorite band.

Fall Out Boy

30. Favorite song atm.

You're Crashing But You're No Wave by Fall Out Boy

31. Any tattoos/piercings?

Yes I have a tattoo of an angel for my grandma

32. Last person you texted.


33. Last message you sent.

Asked my coworker to take my shift lol

34. What do you love most about yourself?

I think I'm pretty funny

35. Favorite movie.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

36. Someone you miss.

My grandma :(

37. Where would you like to live?

I think I'd like to move to a big city one day

38. Lucky number.


39. Place(s) you want to visit.

France, Japan, California

40. Day or night?

Night! I love being up late, it makes me feel like a lil gremlin

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