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stalker [?]

so like,,, idk how serious this is but this dude who has a history of being really weird to women and shit was just so weird to me today?? like i had my headphones in watching sum and multiple times he stops me to ask personal questions and i assume maybe this dude just doesnt know thats creepy ill give the benifiet of the doubt and then he was like,, talkin abt how he watches me walk home everyday and its so creepy and he is like this tall ass dude with i stg a beard and its so weird,,,???? hes like older than me but idk by how much and he like sat at my lunch tabel but then moved a bit away once he saw i was talkin to my friends and shit and started being a total fuckin incel. like the fuckin table over and he was just so creepy to me and it was so upsetting to me and idk if i shoul d like,, tell someone or like do sum but i dont wanna go to any of our shared periods together i stggg

and llike even if i were to go a different way home,, id be trading a highly populated busy asss street for a no one at that time except maybe a few people a ways away if im walkin slowly that day feild where i have to walk into all of the trees to go home and no one can see me and its just like,,, so weir d and idk what to do :((

posting this here tho, will be sure to document the shit that happens after ig,,

just wish i saw all the red flags b4 like,, talkin abt my personal life and private info n shit yk? like idc if someone im friends with aasks about my family and shi t but goddamnnnn this is odd i wish he knew nothing of me

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He sounds very socially inept if he's somehow trying to "flirt" or get your attention. I hope you stay safe and nothing bad happens (doubtful it will, but still stay safe and always be around friends!)

I've been in situations like these before, the advice I can give really is just be blunt with them and it usually scares them off if you are assertive and mean, like if you genuinely don't want them around.

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!! ty for the suggestion i'll try that!! ik nothing too** horrible will happen but ive seen this stuff happen with my friends [some shit with even the same dude] and its just so disconcerting, yk? hope he'll back down this time tho DD:

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