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[Journaling](Day 26) We'll have to glue you back together, in hell!

Whewie, yesterday was a special day.

Got up at 7 and to class at 8, just as the class started. It was nice. We talked about flip-flops. Not the stupid-looking shoes, the electronic component. Much better. Much, much better. Fuck flip-flop shoes. They are stupid, they are uncomfortable, and I'd rather jump off a building than walk a kilometer in them.

Afterward, got a 2h break I took to work on my practical. It was nice, and I got to finish a section of the code I was working on. It was nice. I however soon got reminded that most of my friends were ahead of me one way or the other. Being reminded you're one of the more stupid ones in the room kinda hurts at times.
Of course, they don't mean it that way. Do I care? Will it stop me? noooooooooooo.

Then came the day's big event, the Immersion Day for high schoolers.

We did fuck all for an entire afternoon istg.
Really, we did nothing. Nothing at all. Was at the entrance to take names, we drank some chocolate, and I pretended to be of help, but that was about it. It was really not that interesting, but I get to be seen as proactive by the school administration, so that's that.

At night we went for a beer. with a couple friends. Went to a very very cool-looking bar, but it was a bit too big and crowded. A shame. They made their own beer, which is very good. I drank around 1.25L, but I didn't eat enough and ended up drunk. No matter, I remember the evening and had a very good time.

Listening to Kurzgesagt frying my brain at 2200 while drunk is an experience. Got home with a smile on my face.

That day brought me some friendships with pals and discoveries about some people. But in the end, it was a good day.

I ended it completely drunk and blurting out nonsense on discord though.

Today the black circles under my eyes are so large I feel like a panda.

Good day, lone reader. I'll catch you up tonight.

Down the road I go

Darling - Down The Road, C2C

Laporte, signing off. See you later.

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