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byf/dni/please interact!

BYF: i'm a minor so if you're uncomfortable interacting with minors, please do not interact with me! i also may vent a lot in my bulletin posts. i also have numerous interests that may not be common so there's a chance that if you choose to be friends with me, we may not have a lot of common interests which might make interacting hard. for this reason, i try to seek out friends that have similar tastes in music, etc. not saying don't friend request me if we don't have any common interests, it just might make interacting slightly more difficult. i also like tone tags to be used for me, but they're not required! if you have a typing quirk, please try to use those sparingly with me. certain typing quirks are very hard for me to understand and read. i also don't get along the greatest with people who are sensitive and soft. 

DNI: basic dni criteria (homophobes, racists, ableists, etc)...i also prefer not to interact with people who are 13 and people who are in their mid-late 30's and over (it's fine if you seem really trustworthy and cool though, if i friend request u first, etc). i just feel slightly uncomfortable interacting with these age groups (i feel the most uncomfortable around 35+, but it depends). also don't interact with me if you think serial killers are cool, sexy, etc. dawg i'm in the true crime community and if you think serial killers are awesome and hot then you're not a true member of the tcc and are giving it a bad reputation. also don't interact with me if you use slurs you cannot reclaim and are involved in discourse of any kind. don't interact with me if you're pro-ana/glamorize eating disorders either.

PLEASE INTERACT: please interact with me if you like anything related to the 60's, 70's, and 80's (ESPECIALLY the 80's) such as music, fashion, and movies/television! also please interact with me if we have any similar interests, and if you're in the goth/punk communities!

*it's a possibility i will occasionally update this blog post, so some things listed may change! i also may add some things along the way*

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what if the guy i think is hot is a singer who makes songs ABOUT being a serial killer?

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i suppose that's fine as long as he doesn't actually want to be a serial killer LMAO

by elokiddiezz; ; Report

no he doesnt he's a music artists but like, two of his songs mention killing people- i was just checking

by :33; ; Report

ah okay. yeah that's fine!

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Wut if they r fictional killerz?? (Creepypasta 4 example-)

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i'd say that's okay??? at least it's definitely better than jeffrey dahmer or some shit.

by elokiddiezz; ; Report

Yee, I saw some1 on here with a pfp of Alyssa Bustamante, who iz a teen girl who killed her little sisterz friend :/

by ⦻BL00DSH3D_BUNNY⦻; ; Report

that's messed up wtf :(

by elokiddiezz; ; Report