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New Plants

OMG!! you guys I can finally say I can add 2 plant from my wishlist to my collection of plants. Welcome the Monstera Adanson and Ponytail Palm. This is such an exciting moments because I love plants that grow big because it will help me with turning my room into a plant room. The Monstera Adanson plant grows really big a wild that it will fill up a lot of room and so will my Ponytail Palm. The coolest thing that I learned about the Ponytail Palm is that it is part of the succulent family and doesn't need much watering because of the big trunk it has. The trunk is really a storage area for water. It also can grow to about 7 feet tall, if well taken care of. I am waiting for the roots to get stronger so I can replant it. PS you don't want to replant plants right away. Now on to my Monstera I believe that its name came from the way it grow which big and wild uncontrollably, well that's in less you wanted that way. Its ways to tame it. This makes me really happy because I had to throw away spiky my Molded Wax plant, it had really bad root rot which caused it to rot in whole. Pretty sure it was from the soil tho because the soil hold a lot of moister. Now that I know I am willing to go back out in the near future to get another Molded Wax plant. Because I had the Wax plant I had orders some succulent dirt but didn't get to use it, so I will finally use it for my new succulent the Ponytail Palm. 

Ponytail Palm:

Monstera Adanson:

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