New Comic?? 😳😳😳

I'm actively working on a comic and I have no idea where I should share it once I do make it, especially since it'll probably be on paper and I don't want people stealing my friends and my works 😅

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The Five Eyed Owl

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ahh i know of webtoon and tapas platforms for comics, and you can always add a digital watermark (of your artist name) over the photographs of your comic (assuming you meant traditional art when you said paper) - im pretty sure you could probably do this on your phone but i wouldn't know how to help you since i barely use my phone LMAO but if you have a PC then you can use some of the online pic edit websites

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okay sick, I personally am not the artist but my friends we're going to help work on the comic since we're all dedicated to making it. I just needed to know if there were places to post them and thanks to you, I now remember webtoon exists and I think it'd be cool. /pos /gen

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