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11th week of my dream journal entries


Shopping F21/Urban Outfitters for crop tops. They have an industrial rack wall as a tshirt display with (among others that I can't remember) cowboy print, aboriginal dreamtime artwork and an eye of horus design. I find the first two in my size on the table nearby but I spend the rest of the dream looking for the eye top. They have a lot of other really cute clothes but I really just want the crop top.


Travelling through suburbs where I see a cat and multiple people camping on tiny strips of grass and front lawns. 


Walking through the fog in an English seaside town. It's a little chaotic -at one point I spend multiple hours manoeuvring a horse out of a house- and end up looking in the window of a pet shop with tons of kittens, puppies and hamsters sitting on the table and windowsill. One of the hamsters gets a little too close to the edge and I quickly pick it up and move it to safety, while warning the shopkeeper about the open window. She scoffs and tells me that hamsters instinctively know not to get too close to high drops (obviously she had no clue about the natural suicidal tendecies all hamsters are born with).

I join someone in the car while they race across a country path next to a canal with occaisional side branches.. without any bridges? We just speed over the ditches until they suddenly get too wide and our car enters the water.

I'm walking over to the port as it's getting foggier and the waves are real big because a storm is imminent. Dad is real impressed with just how foggy it is. I take a bike through a cave system where sailors are playing rocky road to dublin on their violins. They stop after one verse but i keep it going and everyone in the cave starts singing along and it turns into a real tumblr everyone clapped moment.


I'm on a boat with four or five other people- the layout is kinda cramped and centred around the elevator. It feels a little like we're part of a tv show or reality tv? Theres totally drama (that might involve murder?) but the only thing i know for sure is that we dress up as fantasy witch doctors with leaves and tall boots and we dance.

Now im not 100% but i believe we escape and have to run away (through a train station?) involving a lot of elevators, getting food and returning to the boat. Biking to a different station but i take the long way by the mini golf. I yell at someone and then realise im gonna miss my train.


Werewolf nightmare. I got off the train and find a stray animal. After that my arm gets torn of by werewolves that drool bright yellow bile. It's a full moon in my dream and when i wake up i check the phase of the moon and what do you know? Full. I also have to listen to like half an hour of my audiobook before i stop being scared.

I dream of a hotel with countless cube glass rooms with only curtains and carpet in them. its filled with family members and when i go for a shower i have to crawl from the highest floor all the way downstairs. The hotel is cursed, causing confusion and also all the floors are covered in glass shards. So i need to crawl through the glass in a very specific pattern or i won't me able to find the murderer (as far as i can tell, there was no actual murder so im not sure where this plot came from)


Walking around town with my friends, looking at belly button piercings sold at a market stall. 

BBC Ghosts at the seaside- Allison is dead and all the ghosts have bodies that arent actually theirs but symbolise the way they died in a really cryptic way. The new plot of the episodes revolve around figuring out how everybody died. I only remember Allison being in a wheelchair and Julian featuring really heavily (which yeah makes sense, hes my favorite lmao)

We've taken the car to France and are getting ice cream- i get mint chocolate, mango and one other mystery flavour. Afterwards we drive to the store to get dinner but mum keeps getting more annoyed with me because i keep saying no to all her dinner ideas (none of them are my safe foods!!!) (also she would never do this irl she's so good about my eating habits lol)


In the car after I tried to change my bridge piercing (wow this was long ago) but i cant get my new piercing in and the wound is bleeding and closing oh my god this stressed me out.

I read/watch the ending of a show about either cowboys or pirates and i like it so much that i email it to myself so i can watch it again after i wake up.

Ive got an assignment to build an irl sims bistro (cool, ok) but as i start its clarified that a bistro means a waiting room in a yacht. I've already started installing the windows but let someone else take over. Im given a new assignment to rewrite a classic story retold annually by the yacht company. The owner's sosn have taken over and are organizing their firs celebration. The story has to presented as a play that same day and when i confess im pretty intimidated they tell me that since i read/watched that story earlier i should be fine. I'm ushered to the next programme which is multiple centuries in the future. Everything is very brightly coloured (mostly orange) and the room looks like a church also the outside is just fire. Two aliens escort me to a small room where i get the priviledge of helping in a brand new surgery. Here everything is a bright colour too and is also made out of cheap toy plastic. It seems im an excellent surgeon because i get to do a second surgery right away. Then i'm brought back to the church and see a huge installation a friend made that's basically a wall-sized canvas with tiny little pictures on it. My story isn't even close to being done but i have to present it like, right now. My mouth is filled with plastic clips and someone is walking around to collect them all but i cant get them all out because im trying to do it discreetly and that shits tricky as hell. 

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