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What's the return policy on time?

I don't know if it's normal, but whenever i think of my youthful days, i can only recall a few things here and there. Some people can recollect entire days of past events, but there are only a few handful of things i can immediately recall. (It's actually kinda funny, now that i'm typing a this message a few more memories are being unlocked).

Seeing people's spacehey profiles unlocked a TON of memories browsing the young days of the internet! I remember my cousin showing me a ton of cool websites where you can find some PS1 & PS2 cheat codes, and the old days of gameFAQS.com. Holy smokes, I remember when the Aces in Ace combat 4 had to be unlocked by flying in certain areas, and people would use ASCII maps to give a rough estimate of where these aces were! I printed a lot of cheat code pages and looked up SO MANY forums on some RPGs i played. Online chatrooms were rampant, and holy smokes I never thought of just how SKETCHY something like that was, but when you found a good group and decided to do a bit of roleplaying (group at a coffee shop, or a DnD lite adventure) you can spend HOURS just chatting with random strangers and having a blast! One of my favorite parts was neopets! I still log on every once and a while now, but that used to be a DAILY endeavor!

I never went and partied or hung out with friends as much as i wanted, but when i look back at the time i spent on the internet it was really awesome! I could probably write another few paragraphs about the old wallpaper and photo sharing directories when searching for "F-4 Phantom pictures" and "Cool Wallpapers", but that'll be for another day. IF someone is taking the time to read these dumb little rants, thanks for reading! I hope you have a good day, and remember; be excellent to each other... and... PARTY ON!!!

- David "stuck in the past" Morales

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