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Happy late b-day to me... i guess...

So yesterday I finally became 20, it was a pretty lonely birthday, my brother is far away and as a sunday day everything was closed and people were occupied with things such as church and such, but welp, i didn't felt awful or sad, thanks to the antidepressants i guess (im also dealing with my skin problem much better now too).

But sadly thought I don't feel and adult or anything like that, physically i don't look like one and not only that but im still trying to get a job (with no success) and i only see myself as a failure, im complete poor while friends and know people are getting at least a little better in life, even my college is not giving me much of "I DID IT!" as im having complications with it.

Overall, im now a 20 year old girl who is a failure of a person in every aspect possible.


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skye !! ☆

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dang, i'm really sorry you feel this way, but im sure things will get better eventually. here's some birthday cake to help cheer you up (*・ω・)ノ”┌iii┐♡, happy birthday :)

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Thank you really much S2

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