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feb 12 blog ~ birthday recap/my first pro wrestling show


good morning! yesterday was my birthday :D

my birthday was pretty lowkey since, being 20 now, all my close friends are kinda doing their own thing at this point. plus i forgot to invite anyone to do anything until the evening before XD

in the morning, i had brekkie w my parents n my mom made vanilla cupcakes w lemon frosting n it was very tasty. after that i went to my friend's house n we hung out for a while before i went home to get smth to eat before i went to this wrestling match going on in my city. since i only dropped a line to my friends the night before, i ended up going to it alone. it was super fun tho! ive never been to anything like it so i took notes the entire time (bcuz im a giant NERD) so here were my observations:

before the show

like i said, my city is pretty small so the event took place at a church hall thing which was kinda funny. the whole show was observed by jesus and his disciples (last supper painting) and queen elizabeth (framed photo of her) ROFL. the funniest part abt the queen pic is that the pic wasnt even centered in the frame so it was like uncomfortably high up in the frame. other than the ring itself, the only non-christian decorations there were were the 3 posters that just said the name of the event on them. there was also a disco ball on the ceiling and i am heavily disappointed that they didnt use it during the show bc that wouldve been epic lol

ive never been to any sort of wrestling event so i didnt really know what to expect in general. there were fewer ppl there than i expected (i had like 2 empty seats on either side of me) and all of the lights were on the whole time (i was kinda expecting the room to b dark but with a spotlight on the ring n like a smoke machine going, like how it happens on tv. prob wasnt in the budget for them LOL). there were some drinks and merch n stuff but i didnt bring enough money to buy anything so no cool wrestling merch for me ;-;

metal music was playing before the show which i wouldntve minded if i hadnt happened to choose the seat RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE SPEAKERS. so already my ears were being abused by the sheer volume of the music. right next to the speakers was the announcers' table n the announcers looked kinda cool. one was an old guy w a beard n he was wearing a black suit with a purple tie, purple converse, a wallet chain, n a black cowboy hat. he also had a kickass leather jacket w lots of spikes n shit. the other guy was younger than him n had kinda an mcr type of outfit w the black button up, red tie, black pants, and black shoes. he also had a badass leather jacket but his had tons of safety pins. ive got a pretty beat up "leather" jacket i got from a thrift store so i think i might do that to my own jacket. 

right before the show started, they wanted to commemorate some guy who died so they had the "10 bell salute" which i never knew was a thing and also hurt my ears like crazy bc the bell was right behind me. my ears were legit ringing after i felt like i got hit by a flashbang or smth LOLOL

during the show

everyone always talks abt how fake pro wrestling is, so it was fun to try to guess how they faked stunts. the punches and kicks/stomps were the most obviously fake. it reminded me of my middle school drama class, how they would stomp every time a hit "landed" even tho some of the hits very obviously didnt even make contact. there were also some times where one guy would be slamming the other guys head into the ground, and the guy being slammed would smack his hands against the ground to make it look like his head was being hit rlly hard when he was prob using his hands to soften the blow. the flips n stuff were way cooler since it was a lot harder to figure out how they would fake/soften them. most of them i think were real since i honestly have no idea how they would reduce the impact of them, like when they would jump off the ropes and land on their backs. the very last match was INSANE for stunts but ill get to that later.

the first match was alright but honestly pretty forgettable. it was 1v2, but the 2 was a tag team type of thing. the tag team dynamic was pretty funny tho.

the second match was a lot cooler. it was a 1v1 but the two dudes apparently had history as old tag team partners. the match started out slow but MAN did it get good. one dude LAUNCHED the other dude into the crowd n freaking DOVE INTO THE CROWD AFTER HIM. pure insanity and super fun

the third match was another 1 v tag team, where one of half of the previous tag team was part of the tag team again. the theme song for the tag team was pretty funny. ill try to see if i can find it and post a link here later (2 lazy rn :P) but basically it was like porno music w a sexy lady voice saying the wrestler's name. another funny part was the tag team "cheating" and the announcers saying that "absolute shenanigans are going on here" LOL. i just rly love the word shenanigans. 

the 4th match was a 2v2. i didnt write too many notes on this bc i was too enthralled by what was going on, so the only note i have is that one dude was wearing pink sparkly booty shorts LOL. but it was a super epic match, prob the second best of the night. the fighters were going EVERYWHERE. they were in the ring, out of the ring, standing on the ropes, doing loads of flips n shit. so. epic.

5th match was also pretty forgettable. it was a 1v1 and the most interesting part was that one dude was apparently from south africa so he was carrying a south african flag. but otherwise it wasnt too crazy compared to the other matches.

final match was THE BEST MATCH. it was a 1v1 no disqualification match btwn 2 hot girls and it was BRUTAL. now THIS is what i was expecting from a pro wrestling match. steel chairs, metal baking sheets, barbecue skewers, THUMBTACKS ALL OVER THE GROUND, and MORE. at one point one of the girls spanked the other w a metal spoon which was pretty funny XD. the spanker also threw the spankee into the audience which was AWESOME. the spankee hammered barbecue skewers INTO THE OTHER GIRLS HEAD W HER FIST. the two hit each other with the steel chairs so hard that both chairs were dented and one of the chairs was folded the WRONG WAY. by the end, both of them were dripping with blood and i have no doubt that it was real. i mean, the both had thumbtacks STICKING OUT OF THEIR SKIN. and they were in super tight, skimpy outfits so it was legit IN THEIR SKIN. so yeah... idk how they couldve faked THAT

if i had to rank those matches from best to worst, id have to say 6>4>2>3>1=5.

so that was my first pro wrestling show experience! i am now one year older and one experience wiser. i think id go to a wrestling event again if it rolls in town in the future, bcuz it was a LOT of fun. 

but next time i go, im def gonna make sure to NOT sit right in front of the speakers... or at least bring ear plugs @~@

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