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Full DNI list (and other stuff)

So I already have a little section in my bio for people I don't want interacting with me but I thought I'd make a list so I wouldn't take up my entire bio (and because making lists is fun :3)

Do not interact (under any circumstances) if you:

-Are bigoted in any way (this should be obvious, but misogynists, racists, homophobes, transphobes, etc)

-Are under 16 years old

-Are a loli/shotacon (pedophile)

-Diaperfurs (pedophiles)

-Enjoy cub content (read: are a pedophile)

-Enjoy nsfw feral content (read: are a zoophile)

-Are a pedophile

-Are a pedophile defender. Pedophiles do not deserve your sympathy and licking their boots makes you almost as bad as them

-DDLG accounts. I don't care if you think you're sfw

-Age regressors


-Zoophile defenders

-Chris Chan defenders

-Are religious 

-Hate furries




-Cat haters

You can interact, but you're on thin ice:

-Owl House fans (you people are annoying)

-MLP G5 haters (same as above)

-Monster High G3 haters (same as above)

-Fluttercord haters (same as above)

-Over 19 years old (no ims)

-Pro-closed species

Please DO interact:

-Wings of Fire fans

-Elder Scrolls fans

-My Little Pony fans

-Monster High fans


-Book enjoyers

-Doll collectors

-ASoIaF fans

-Friendly people who don't fit into the DNI/thin ice categories

-Plushie collectors

-Parrot owners

-Cat owners

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