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life updatess :PP

soo today kinda sux xD

my bestest friend just asked to be his girlfriend for valentines day and ofc i was like "wtf no" bcuz i have a boyfriend. i dont even know why he fucking asked bcuz he knowz im in a happy relationship, it just kinda fucked me up idk

also, apparently my grandpa is getting brain surgery tomorrow and now i get to drive for several hours back to my home state in case shit goes down or whatevr sooo yeahh, im super worried :/ and it sux even more bcuz my bf and i were planning on going to a really kool rollerskating rink 4 valentines day and stuff. we're probably still gonna go later tho XD

i think thats all 4 now, i guess this is kinda a vent-ish blog, thnks 4 reading if u did lol

byyyeeeee  ✰

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