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02/11/23 - prompto and loqi ffxv are brothers (rambling)

the freckles on loqi are edited on. unfortunately. but they're sooo brothers. i woke up at 4 am and went down a rabbit role that led me to being brainrotted over these two for the entire day its 6:30 pm i never went back to bed . screams

BUT. usdfhuidsf. sjdfusdf.sdjnfusdusdfiuafas[[35]4te[]43p[5p2[3p[32p5 I ALSO FOUND A REALLY GOOD COMPLETED FANFIC where promptos the prince of niflheim and loqi is his retainer who is also his brother. its the best thing ever. its a rlly good fanfic.... 

there's so much potential for these two i think. ffxv in general had so much potential. ive been creating a rewritten world in my head and have just been living in it tbh .... there's so much to do with them bc loqi in particular has nothing tying him down to canon UIDHSFUIHDSF he had 2 seconds of screen time during a boss battle early game and then he's the main antagonist for a DLC thing and its still rlly not much .... but im not complaining tbh . being a hardcore voca kid made me love creating stories so much so i just have 9832493274983 stories in my head already involving loqi and prompto. 

i also lied a little bit, the one thing that ties him to canon (the tie is made of thread and about to rip any second) is that he supposedly sees cor as a rival. or holds a grudge against him. and that's pretty much it.... cor did not gaf abt his ass... but i mention that bc i ALSO really like seeing cor as a father figure towards prompto. specifically, i think prompto is the one who specifically sees him as a father figure due to past neglect. he looks up to him x10 in my brain. i also mainly see cor being the one who saved prompto from the lab.... i caught myself rambling but im not deleting this COR PROMPTO. COR IS PROMPTOS DAD

i need to leave my computer rn. but ugh. loqi and prompto. loqi, prompto and cor. THIS OTHER PROMPTO CLONE SOMEONE ON TWITTER MADE A DESIGN FOR (BASED ON HIS INITIAL LOOK) AND NAMED HIM LUCE AURUM so i stole him in my head and now hes also the secret third siblings. who isn't real. just straight up isn't real. i didn't even make him. but i have 83297498234 headcanons for him. UUGSUHUISS JUST THE PROMPTO FOUND FAMILY CIRCLE IS SO REAL ok bye

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