Meet My Pets! <3

Neko, Adult Leopard Gecko

Neko is the second reptile I got, I'm not completely sure of his morph but I think he might be a Murphy's pattern-less. He's super cute, and I got him around the time my childhood dog died. I purchased him as an adult.

neko 1

neko 2

neko 3

Buttercup, Adult Ball Python

Buttercup is the first ever reptile I have owned. She is an albino genetic stripe ball python. I have had her since around 2019. When I got her she was just a few months old (around 3-5). 

buttercup 1

buttercup 2

Mini, Baby Leopard Gecko

Mini/Minnie is my newest pet. I'm not sure of her morph; she looks similar to a normal but has minimal spots so she is definitely mixed with something else. I have had her for about 3-4 months. 

mini 1

mini 2

mini 3

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omg, they're so beautiful!!!

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