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 Idk why i'm only making this post now i literally listened to this album a whole 5 days ago but whatever
 Today's album is bodypop - and one !! An underrated band fr go give them a listen if you like synthpop and uhh i dont know what genres they are tbh but ebm and industrial i think (??) (i am. really bad with music genres sorry)
 Anyways !! I was honestly kinda scared to listen to this album and i've been putting it off for half a year in the sense that i found the band through a song i loved and was scared that the rest of the album wouldn't be as good and i'd like the band less yk

But i was pleasantly surprised !! 8.3/10 i really liked most of the songs despite having. no idea what half of them are about (they're in german) but yeah bangers nonetheless

Favs !! :
☆body company, this is the song i found them through
☆stand the pain !! love this one so much
☆military fashion show
☆so klingt leibe
☆the force
☆steine sind steine
☆rearming strafbomber

(the last 3 are bonus tracks but idc)

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