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splatoon tipz !

1: probably one of the most obvious ones, but make sure your base is inked up well! ive seen multiple cases in which it seems like one team is gonna win, but then they didn't cuz their base was barely inked or not inked at all.

2: this one depends on the circumstances, but if you really need to super jump during a match and have a charger on your team, go towards them or near them! most of the time if you do this, your chances of getting jump-splatted will be decreased a nice little bit

3: USE YOUR SPECIALS DURING SALMON RUN. you may think that using them doesn't do much, but most of them can be super helpful! like the killer wail 5.1 - due to it being able to clip through the boss salmonids armor with ease! also, please don't use up all of your specials at the end of a match, since they can come in handy in case a boss salmonid shows up

4: speaking of salmon run, make reviving teammates one of your top priorities. if you save revives for the very end, there's a high change that the entire team will get wiped out.

5: this is a minor detail that i don't think most people noticed, but the inklings and octolings are actually right handed! this means, with most weapons, you have an advantage when it comes to shooting other players around the right side of a corner. plus, most of your hitbox will be hidden by whatever you're taking cover behind, so if you like being sneaky during turf battles, keep this fact in mind

i might add more in the future, but that's all for now, folks!

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