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A Field Guide

So I don't know about other bunnies, but here are some habits of the Wild Jon Bunny:

He will put stuff he thinks is more personal in his blog, he doesn't expect any responses and probably won't reply to any. Researches are still puzzled by this behavior.

If you see a simple colon-parentheses smiley face as a comment it means either he can't think of a response right now, or is too stoned, or polite to disagree with you. There are of course other reasons, these are the main ones identified so far.

If his pfp is a rabbit skeleton we believe it means he is in some sort of distress. Any attempts to interact with him at this point become slightly dangerous as he may bite without meaning to.

He tends to come and go without any greetings, his long periods of silence usually just mean he is listening, and he's terrible at lurking.

The research is still ongoing of course, the scientists will try to post any updates as they occur.


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