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What am I doing here? Survey says nothing

Will I actually for real use SpaceHey? Probably not, because all I ever did on MySpace back in the day was fill out questionnaire after questionnaire.

(#15: Have you ever been to a foreign country?
me and literally everyone else from Michigan on MySpace: does Canada count?)

In my defense (?), I'm pretty sure I only had a MySpace in the first place because it was the only way I had to potentially stay in touch with a friend/crush after he left the country, only then I mostly ended up not using it for that because he more or less ghosted me, oop.

Like, did MySpace even have forums? Probably, but if so, I didn't use them. If Baby E was on the computer, she was in Microsoft Word or Paint or a CD-ROM computer game, not online, because she just wasn't that interested in being online.

I'm enjoying the nostalgia here, anyway.

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