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it's still a few months away, but my mom's bugging me about getting a dress now for whatever stupid reason you need to get a dress so early. i dont even want to wear a dress, gross. i honestly couldn't even care less about prom itself. it seems like any other party to me, what's so special about it? i'm not a big party person at all, i'm too quiet and usually i just end up quietly hiding in the corner probably eating everything. but my mom would be devastated if i missed it, and for some reason it just feels like i have to go.

anyway, i just don't really give a damn about prom and i sure as hell don't want to wear a gross, uncomfortable, icky ugly dumb dress. what do punk rock nerds even wear to prom anyway?? i'd much rather be at home drawing and listening to music and reading the same wikipedia articles about obscure animals and weird phenomena over and over again or something, that's much more my speed. UGH

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