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wat happend

smashmouth once siad:

"teh yaers start comming n thy don t stop comeing". i am big fnan of they're discography and wish they would do more, but anyways. 

I open my i's one day and every1 is gone. Coady is left. Danel moved to saralis (hes 40, i new somthin wus up). Alex (the food) jus stoip showin up 1 day. still waitin for my food heh heh. 

Grnat is no at dev, wich is sad. i thot he was gone be Ceo aftr stephen's evental breakdoen. 

Andy went for a run, and never came back. i wunder where he's runnin 2, mayeb 2 get som food. lucky guy. 

its jus me n gwen. gwen is funny because she sounds like a cat when she talks. meow meow she say, i jus laugh n read drudge repor. all these new people, it  is vary hard to remembr they names. blake is cool, but does not get tha food for me the way alx does. heather left to go work at hauntedhause (spocky). who is next, i dont know.

they say runnin a company is like riding a bike, better look forward er else u gone crash. im no armstrong, but ridin a bike sounds rilly NICE. mayb debboy will wanna ride some biks. 

as long as i dont hit a deer, it wll be ok. 



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