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life update #3

i am so done omg. i am so fucking stupid i cannot process anything like a normal human being, react to nything like a normal humna being idk what to do anymore

umm anyways guys i dont think ive ever said anything on here before but i also play with silly toy dolls as a silly hobby and post it on tiktik and i wanna post something but idk what im not at school next week so i wanna use that time to maybe grow my audience or smth

srry for not posting on twt i want my future employers to like me LMFAO im in my digital footprint era

random but i reallyy love music like the subject omg the theory is so boring but just being in a music room makes my daay so much more better

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Ᏼᥲɾꪮᥒꫀ᥉᥉ᏙᏴꪮᥒᏴꪮᥒ 🍬

Ᏼᥲɾꪮᥒꫀ᥉᥉ᏙᏴꪮᥒᏴꪮᥒ 🍬's profile picture

Honestly ye music classrooms are great but theory can suck my ass 👍

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