obey me theories :3

If you haven't seen the new obey me nightbringer video please go look at it!! the devs did amazing (my boy levi looks absolutely fucking wonderful <3)

𖤐 001 Solomon and Lilith theory. 

Okay, we all know solomons like an old man and shit, and he was probably alive the time of the fall. Because I know for a fact, solomon did not just happen to make 73 pacts in one day. (especially with asmo, bc asmo is picky asf) and barbatos too! (although i'm pretty sure barbatos's pact comes later on [correct me if i'm wrong]) but that means most likely he knew and confirmed the existence of angels. (demons as well) so.. i'm thinking. Since Lilths canon death follows the route that she falls in love with a human, and he got sick. So she had to bring down celestial fruit to heal him. Say the human (probably was) Solomon, and Solomon ate the fruit, but the fruit was stated celesetial, so that was probably a very powerful fruit, and probably turned him stronger and immortal which was stated in the game.

+ also in the nightbringer intro, he was spotted in the rain, somewhere. But, the drop on his face, didn't seem like a droplet, seemed more like a tear. If you haven't seen it, take some stereotypical lovers death scene in the rain from a movie and put it with solomon. I'm more than sure he was crying at someones grave (liltihs) 

𖤐 002 the Fall was planned?!

I could be stretching this, but i don't really believe that i am. The whole fall from the devildoms view didn't seem right at all. Diavolo and Barbatos seemed unfazed, or unsurprised and creepily prepared? It would be normal if they let the other suffer, but seeing as lucifer was seemingly so important, diavolo already had something up his sleeve. Diavolo and Micheal have connections, and barbatos can read the past and future to his own will. theres two ways i can explain this 

1.) Barbatos looked into the future, seeing the fall happen and letting Diavolo know. That explains one of the ways that they could be so prepared, already coming up with an idea beforehand that Diavolo could make a promise with one of celesetia's most prestigious angels. And then letting liltih live. 

2.) Considering that Diavolo and Micheal do have connections (basic proof: the angel students for the exchange program) and somewhat going along with the theories that solomon and liltih were dating, along with the pact part micheal could've let diavolo know about the situation.

Diavolo and Barbatos just seemed too prepared for 8 people to fall. (Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub and Belphegor) and also have a whole house for them???!?? (but, thats probably stretching 

𖤐 003 Luke holding onto Simeon

its not odd for luke to be clingy with Simeon, but that really sprouted something in my head. Why is luke so concerned if he's obviously safe in the celestial realm? Which brought up my idea: What if micheal became so mentally broken and obsessive about the fall, he did something terrible to affect the angels he was closer with? Luke, Simeon, and Raphael. Luke seems so obsessed with Micheal, defending him even if he isn't there over the tiniest things. No matter what, Luke always tries to defend or bring up micheal in some way, almost like Micheals listening to him. And no, I'm not saying micheal stooped so low that he had to use listening devices on luke; but if you're a genshin player you'll understand. Its something like Katherine and the Fatui, she was a puppet, just like luke may be. In lesson 46 (i believe) we have the option to ask mammon (right in front of luke) if he missed the celestial realm, Mammon got real upset and conservative and said he didn't, not at all. Luke hearing this, he got defensive. But, its kinda always like that. Which is why i think Micheal did something really shitty to the angels, and maybe specifically luke. 

𖤐 004 Barbatos

overall Barbatos (i love him to death omg) is a rather suspicious guy. On multiple occasions everyone describes him as suspicious and mysterious "as if he's hiding something" In the nightbringer intro, barbatos is seen covering his lips in the 'shh' way as he's telling us, or someone to be quiet. And then after follows an array of many doors. Described in barbatos's power summary, barbatos has the power to look/go into the past and future. He's either looking into either, or showing us, because nightbringer takes place in the past. During the brothers celestial days. But this also lines up with my other theories. If he can go in the past, he knows what everyone is hiding. 

Thats all i have so far but uh yeah :) please do talk to me about obey me in general :)

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oooo i dont really know much about obey me lore but this is really cool!

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thank you!! the obey me lore takes a wide ass stretch, so its kinda confusing haha

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All of these theories are soo cool! Did you come up with these all by yourself?? They seem really in depth. Anyways I loved all of them!<3

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thank you so much!! and i kinda did!! my other friend (who's not on this site) helped me alot with some other theories i haven't posted yet :)) although i will soon.

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Can't wait!<3

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