I don't know how you feel. I didn't know how you felt then. I don't know how you feel now. I don't know how your gonna feel later. Im tired of not knowing. Im tired of later, later, later its never later its never in a few and its never now. Im tired of waiting and waiting and waiting for the stupid right time fuck your right time. If one of us didn't have the job that we have we'd be nothing were evaporate. Your not here im not there. You are nowhere and im tired of searching for a ghost. Im not important I get that. No matter the amount of time or tears I spend on telling you what bothers me its still the same nothingness. its useless and you know it. I know if you read this your just gonna be upset with it and say you know and your sorry and you'll try harder but im still here waiting for that promise you made a month ago. That promise is like wishing on a shooting star or a coin in the well, you hope and hope and hope but you always know what isn't true what won't come true ever. im just tired.

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