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so likeee im basically grounded ash n wtv but its okay kuzz i have my laptop lol i be gettin around shit, but yea my dad is bein weird asf abt the whole situ. He tells me I never listen  n wtv n ion b doin what he tells me to do like school work n stuff but he finally got me whiteboard so I could stay organized, being able to show him the amount of assignments i get done in a day will probably make him have more faith in me , but also realize that I am actually trying but the school im in isnt beneficial for my "education" . I'd like him to realize that I'm not trying to be against him rather make him proud of me, its like he has this crazy mental abuse strat n jus knows how to get under my skin , telling me i do shit that i literally never do to him like disrespect him n wtv . ive learned how not to react in situations like that but it still hurts . 

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