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Im Ace, but i also go by Dahvie or Helena, helena being my birthname.

Im a girl, but any pronouns are fine i just prefer she/her.

im 14 and cuban, i live in the us tho.

im omni sexual but prefer men

i like lots of music and music genres, but i prefer punk honestly. some of my favorite bands/music artists are Weezer, Blink-182, The Cure, The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, Tyler The Creator, Prince, Michael jackson, and sm more. 

im a huge nerd, i like poetry and reading n shit. some of my favorite books/book series are Rot & Ruin, Matched, The Giver, The Sun and Her Flowers, A Guard Dog Named Honey, No Longer Human, and more. 

im kinda basic honestly, i like lots of surface level stuff.

i like ghost stories and youtubers like Plagued Moth and Debunk File, i really also like true crime and crime cases and creepy stuff like that. 

I like some animes like Jojos Bizarre Adventure and Tokyo Ghoul, ive wathced a ton but kinda out of the whole anime craze now. 

sometimes i make layouts n stuff but im pretty new to html/css so im always open to tips on that.

ill edit this occasionally prob.

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