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i love love songs.

i love love songs. i love how sappy and sweet they can get. and i may never admit this to anyone, but i love how jealous they make me feel... no they don't. i lied. i straight-up lied. they make me yearn for feelings that i fear i'll never be introduced to. i see people in the comment section of TikToks talking about how old they are yet they haven't experienced anything love or relationship related. i know that i shouldn't price my worth around love but i can't help feeling like i've missed a mark or that someone has lied to me. not to sound cocky or conceited but i DO get a fair share of compliments. what doesn't make sense is, if so many people out there are willing to call me beautiful and "the prettiest girl" they've ever seen, why has no one come up to me the way they show in movies or songs? why does no one see their world in my eyes within the first ten seconds of meeting? i saw a TikTok where this girl said that if you haven't been in a relationship, don't stress since i've only met a very small portion of the people i'll know but i still don't feel completely reassured. i also don't think it helps that valentines day is so damn close. the glue song by beabadoobee comes out on the fourteenth and i don't know if i'll be able to handle it. 

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