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ship or no ship

personally, i cant stop people from shipping characters, no matter if the ship is a proship or not, theres always going to be some fucked up people, and i cant change that, and neither can you

the best advice i can give is just to, report, block, and ignore

!!this was made for fun, take it seriously or don't idk I made this for fun lmao, and also as a small guide(?) in a way!!

(all no's will be "refer to 7" unless stated otherwise)

1. is the ship toxic?

yes - then dont ship it

2. is it incest?

yes - then dont ship it

3. are they canonically dating?

yes - go right ahead, unless its toxic, then refer back to 1 or 7

4. is it pedophila? (including adult x adult where theres a huge age difference, not just child x adult)

yes - then dont ship it

5. is it pet x person?

yes - then dont ship it

6. is it enemy x enemy in a non enemies to lovers trope that was actually done right?

yes - then dont ship it

7. is it a proship in general?

yes - then dont ship it

no - then go ahead

8. is it minor x minor (minor as in around 7-12)

yes - then go ahead, only if theyre close in age, and you dont make nsfw of them, if you do then gtfo

9. is the creator comfortable with people shipping their characters?

yes - refer to 7

no - then dont ship it

10. are they real people who arent dating?

yes - then dont ship it

11. are they real people who ARE dating

yes - refer to 7

12. is it yandere x kuudere?

yes - then dont ship it, yanderes display toxic and possessive behavior which should not be romanticized

13. is it murderer x civilian?

yes - unless theyre partners in crime(refer to 7 if they are), dont ship it

(if i forgot something important please let me know!)

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this seems...vaguely puritanical??

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wait minor x minor is ok but enemy x enemy is not???
i'm confused lol

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