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i don´t feel like i have friends besides my gf

i don´t feel like i have friends besides my gf. my best friend(1) now has multiple best friends, and spends most of her time with a dumb, bratty girl(2). i kinda hate them both. my best friend, for forgetting about me, and that other girl, for existing, for being stupid, for trying to get me into her drama, for slapping the back of my head multiple times, for making fun of me and for making fun of that alt girl that we saw on the street. i know other people, of course, like the kid everyone calls gay(3), the boy that´s funny but has anger peoblems, plus, thinks he looks cool and manly, when, in truth, he looks ugly and like a creep(4). i also know that short, skinny girl that once bit my croissant when i wasn´t looking and some minutes later, at her house, was digging through her thrash to find a spoon she´d tossed in there by mistake, the girl who moments before that tried to hide her underwear behind a curtain and slipped on it, falling face flat on the floor. i don´t hate her, so let´s give her a name, she deserves one. (update: nvm shes annoying as hell but oh well)her name is Seni. that one boy that everyone calls gay came to my house today, to do a school project. he´s dumb, and he´s always lying. he lies about the tinniest things, for absolutely no reason. today, he lied to me in math class. i wore a skirt to school today, and he told me that my friend(4) said i look horrible with this skirt. i was hurt, at first, but then i reminded myself that he´s an npc, and i should laugh and move on. and there´s this fat guy(5) in my class, he´s funny and all, but he has no understanding of life, of feelings, of justice, of respect. today, and thursday, he and his friends made a lot of sexist comments. on thursday, the french teacher only let the girls go to the bathroom, obviously, because you never know when someone´s on their period, and girls have smaller bladders than men. but of course they wouldn´t know that. somehow, one of the six girls in my class(2) got involved and they started telling her to go to the kitchen, someone in the back told her to make him a sandwich and another spoiled bratty kid said that the teacher was a feminist. it made my blood boil, but i just kept drawing. today, the fat guy asked why there was only female cleaning workers. he said thatthere was jobs for women, and jobs for men. that was when i started asking myself what would happen if i stabbed him with my pencil. it sounds cheesy, i know, but i´m just writing what goes and went through my head.                   when i got home with my friend(3) i saw my little brother sitting on the couch, with a support around his arm. seems like he deslocated something. later, my mom told me it happened around 10am at school. he apparently bumped into another kid and fell on his arm. and my dad picked him up, had lunch with him and only called her telling her what happened after lunch. The gay dude punched him in the arm too. i fucking hate him hes fucking disgusting i hate my friends so fucking bad i could fucking stab them all theyre so fucking stupid i hope they fucking rot in hell.

anyways, some minutes ago, she asked me to watch a movie with him. i didn´t want to. i asked why he couldn´t watch it on his own. she said it was just to keep him company. pfft, company, of course. fuck you, why can´t he watch the movie while i do other stuff? she said i was going to understand how bad it was after it happened to me. but i don´t think it´d be that bad. i´d stay home for a few days (not sure about that tho) and spend time watching movies alone, listening to music and stuff. of course, sleeping, showering and dressing would be harder, but still.

anyways, i just had dinner and i´m calmer now. good night.

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