Worst Day of 2023 So Far 😾😿 / Storytime (2/8/23)

Idk how to blog so this is literally like a story-time igΒ πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€.Β 

Y'all. I actually POURED tears yesterday it was so absurd.Β 

So i have to stay in school til 6:35 pm...ik... (i stay for a 3 hr drivers ed class). But like I've been up since 5 am and all i ate all day was an uncrustable pb&j sandwich and the driver teacher wont let us eat AT ALL. Anyways i'm sitting in there abt to die from starvation and tiredness and then its finally 6:35 πŸ™πŸ½ and i hop on out of that depressing class. i get home at like 7 and there are two delicious tacos waiting for me. i take a shower, i get on my nice pj set, fit for the occasion, i take myself down the stairs to my meal, i heat it up, i go sit in the living room and munch. all was well until.....my. little. brothers. Now the 7 year old is already a little menace but pair him with the 2 yr old...you're in for a treat, or rather, NO TREAT. my brothers were running all over the place but i zone them out so i didn't notice that they started running on the couch- yes the couch i'm sitting on with my much needed meal- and as i go to take my THIRD bite of my FIRST taco, they tripped on me like i was invisible and my plate, drink,and the taco in my fingertips fell all over the couch and floor. i actually sat there for a good silent 30 seconds and got up, tearing streaming down my face, and just walked away. i went to my room and locked the door. i sat there in darkness trying to regain composure bc them kids were bout to get whooped if i didn't exit the premises.Β 

Anyways thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed bc i did not.

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Me personally I woulda been seeing RED . U better than me

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IKKK if i didn't walk away them kids would've got the beating of their life timeee.

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that’s what you get

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they aren't as filling as you'd think.

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