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CRAZY AFTERNOON back in 1980 (being gay was taboo)

So I'm a babysitter for the Afton's and when I got there the father started hitting on me yeah William Afton himself I was so confused but man he was so buff for a 30 year old I asked where his baby mama was since I was a Puerto Rican woman and we talk with some slang he told me "she dead, dead as hell" man I was surprised that he talked with some Harlem slang knowing damn well this bitch lived upstate but it didn't bug me I asked him who I was here to babysit and he told me in his hardcore British accent "My son" I cringed a bit but I would have to get used to it since they had me staying in the guest bedroom (but not for long) William Introduced me to Evan I really expected Evan to have an accent too but he didn't he spoke normal like the rest of us Americans.

Tbh his dad had the hugest crush on me and tbh I did too but I didn't want to ruin babysitter protocol's and sleep with the parent so I tried my best to stay as far away from William Afton as possible but I slipped up and we ended up sleeping together (he was good tbh) and that's how he payed me ever since (don't call me a slut and all) but I liked the time I spent with William and I started seeing Evan as my own child the more time I spent with him I couldn't wait for his birthday and I couldn't wait to spend it with him as a family.

this was the house

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so what you're saying is you fucked my dad

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by Rayna.Bayna69; ; Report

smh bro

by Evan.Afton1983; ; Report

sorry he was good :shrug:

by Rayna.Bayna69; ; Report

screw you *flips off and walks away*

by Evan.Afton1983; ; Report

Evannnn nuuuuuuuuu

by Rayna.Bayna69; ; Report