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Happy MEH! 8D

Ok well actually my birthday was a week ago on the 2nd (thats where the 222 in my name comes bday is 02/02/02!) and now im 21!!! :D That means i can DRINK xDD I dont really like the taste of alcohl tho so im not gonna be an acoholic:/

For the bday party we had it at mine and kyles place htat night. The ppl who showed up were trinity jake and ian. Brandon couldnt come since he has covid and skylar had to work so she droped by beofre. Lilly and her gf also called me at her colege that afernoon which was really fun since i havent called her much since i moved away from oklahoma. We had pizza and my favrote food of all WAFFLES xD im not a really big fan of cake. We watched hwols moving castle witch was my and jakes first time watching it and it was great! Youd think id already watched it since kyle love stufio gilbi movies so much xD

After a wile we decided to go ona late night park trip. Even tho im the bday girl i was stil the choufur since i like night driving xD I know were adults who can drink but i still love the park and the siwngs! we swung around for a bit and played our music softly so no one gets pised off while their trying to sleep. Jake scrolss on his phon efor a bt and then says..."Hey guys did you know that howl is voiced by CHRISTAN BALE??" We were shocked and trinity cackeled while kyle said "I already knew that!" Sudenly we saw a lady walk in our direction in the distance so we bolted back to my car xD Idk if she was coming to yell at us or waht but we werent taking any chances! Emo adults at the park at night plus random lady is not usuely a good combonation....

So after that we drove to 7/11 to get some snackes and slurpees (also ian needed to get more cigs). Since its my frist day of being legal....I bought BOOZE! It was some aple cider stuff so not hard liqor just a fizy dirnk. Ian asked "do you want cigs to ill get you some newports" I said "NO your the only one who smokes newports ourt of all of us!" xD They asked our ids and the cashier wishd me a happy birthday! Ian smokd one if his cigs outside an then we left.

Once we got back to the hosue i openedx my boose while kyle, jake and trinity went out to the portch to smoke some weed tehy brought. They ofered me some but i already had teh booze so i said no and they saved me a joint for later. The booze tasted funy and it made me feel funny to. But we stil had fun and palyed just dance and uno late into the night! Everything was all floaty! They all slept over since nne of us had to work in the morning. It was really fun defeinitly one of the best bday partys i eever had!

Anyway fast forward this mornig kyle borrowed my car to go to the sotre since his is broke down. When he came back he has a smirk on his face. "Whats up?" I said. "I didnt know you started smoking" he replyed.

"Huh? I have no idea what your talking about!" I said. I dont smke and i dont remember buying cigs either xD

 "I found them in your car under the seat. You dont have to hide them. I didnt know you had a taste for newports too!" He lauhged and pulled out a  pack of newports that was crumpled up a bit. Then I realized....Ian must of droped his cigs in my car at the party!

"Ians the only one of us who smokes newports!" I laughed. Kyle looked at the pack which only had a couple cigs left and said "Yea your right. He probalbly droped them in the car on your birthday. I knew you had beter taste then that XD"

"Your missing the point i DONT smoke cigs!" I replyed. "Anyway should we tel him?"

"Yea he probably will be pleasently surprised at "free" cigs" he said. We had a good laugh.

Anyway i gotta get ready for work so im gonna finish off here! Ian works my shift to so ima give him his  cigs back when i get there xD

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ayyyy happy birthday!

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Thank u!!

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mauvoux <3

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habby birf!!!!! XD

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Thanks!! xD

by xXx~NekoTenshi222~xXx; ; Report


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