Strangely alarming dream I had last last night

So I know it all sounds super silly & unreasonable but yk my brain is like that awake or asleep.


First half:

I was just chilling in a shop and one of my friends was there and my parents were there with us and then my friend walks up to the hat section and picks out a beanie with a print that looked like curry & rice with a little face on it. Innocent enough, until the person at the till asks "oOoHhH what theme is THAT" and of course with everything going downhill me friend responded "Jeffrey Dahmer" and just walked out the shop with a receipt without paying. 

My parents were PISSED at the fact that we were 'buying innapropriate and suggestive clothing' but didn't say anymore. I was very very worried as we got into the car as one would be so as I did my seatbelt up I no-clipped through the floor into my school's corridors but filled with water seaweed and fish and I was swimming without a care in the world and apparently not needing to breathe.

Second half:

It was break time and I was chillin' with my friend group on the year 8 yard and there was this barricaded door. Now for some reason I was the only one who was worried about the door and had a bad feeling about it. Now one of my friends just steps forward and starts to un-barricade the door that I already suggested that the reason it had been bolted was a very good one.

Now I kept taking steps back around the corner where year 9 normally is  and there were 3 doors one after another and the last one was an iron safe door. So after running around the corner at a good speed and heard something behind me and I turned around to see this emoji 👹 coming after me but all floppy and melty, just g l i d i n g across the floor.

Now that thing just murdered all of my friends and now it was after me so naturally I kept running but I was now running at the speed of running through wet sand but I eventually made it inside and to the science corridor and I went into a classroom with bathrooms inside it and I walked into one bc I needed to shit so naturally there were two girls having mental breakdowns in the unusually spacey stall and I just awkwardly stood there waiting for them to leave so could shit (they didn't. I just went to shit they didn't care).

That was literally it. Nothing else. Nothing more.

What the fuck.

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Inaccurate -- It would not kill me I'd actually start chasing it back (To assert dominance) then I'd beat it in a round of kickboxing 💪💪💪💪

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I know you would but dream world said no

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