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angry drama rant oooo

this fuckn mousey little B-Word at my school i used to be good friends with for some reason got really sour towards me and when i tried explaining that I suffered a sewerslide attempt they kinda made fun of me for it- so i reasonably unfriended them and stopped talking to them, they betrayed my trust and to be so ungreatful too; i always helped them and thats what i got.

fast forward to a week or so later and i saw on instag that they posted a thing on their story that was nudging to me, not actually saying my name or anything but it was obvious they were talking about me. they said i was trying to get them to "chase them" or some shit but jesus christ this person dude... I was willing to be nice and call it quits and part ways with them without a word but no, they just had to run their fuckn mouth. If they wanted to act like that i would fucking do em 3x better- if you wanna go to war ill go to war, but i didnt do none of that petty instagram gossiping bs, no, I didnt waste no time driving right over to their house last night and revving my car really loudly (my car has a loud ass dual exhaust) and blasting music with the windows down outside their house. It really goes without saying but they really need someone to slap them upside the mouth cause someone hasnt in a while.

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