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Story Prompt (Set in the in the 20th Century-ish)

A cold and rainy day in October. In what lies Angelwood high, a long time ago.

One a high school dropout—some might say a teenage dirtbag. Y'know, drugs, beer, late night strolls out of town. His family was of a moderate background but they had 6 other children to support leaving no time for him to stay a child. At the age of 14 he got a full time job . It was a heinous job with a cruel manager but he was the few people that took him in—A somewhat father figure. He was providing him with a fair income and a place to crash whenever he pleased. Even if his backstory was harsh and unbecoming, his aura was simply sublime. Everyone could admit that he wasn't the smartest however his impression would simply rub off everybody; in a good way, that is guaranteed.

The other, a child prodigy fell into the traps of burnout—an angel fallen from grace. Her family was of an aristocratic context; Everything was planned out for her, no room for her to be free. Nothing filled her eyes in portraits. Not a single thought in that so-called "bright head" of hers. A monotonous hue was her voice that everybody feared. Her voice would echo thru halls, clear and dry enough to confuse people when she jokes. Despite being the odd and the aggrieved one of her family, she still had a sympathetic core. She was rough on being a socialite, yes, but once you get to know her for a while; her image will lightened up.

Surprisingly, they were together. Naturally, it was kept a secret from her parents but the point still stands. In God's eyes, they were perfect. The perfect contrast to one another—when one was dull, dreary, the other was benign and vivacious. Heaven was setting these two up for a "Rome and Julietesque" tale but the world—unforgiving, full of pompous residents and pessimistic had forbade the repetition of another classic romance. Even their own minds had thought they should part ways.


Ik this is cheesy but just imagine Jane Austen wrote it.

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