Festival Love??


I went to the music festival and it was totally killer! The food, drinks, music, and outfits, were all really cool. But let me tell you about the boys!! This is probably my favourite topic because 1. I love meeting new people in general and 2. boys are so cute when they're nervous... and cute regardless. At the festival, you will never guess what happened. I was sitting at a table on my own eating some Lebanese food because I hadn't eaten in hours, and this super adorable Irish guy came and sat with me. We started talking and I was saying how much I loved the show Derry Girls on Netflix and he said it was totally accurate. He's tall, has short brown hair, brown eyes, a thin build, and a really kind smile. So Shamrock and I were talking and then the rest of my friends came over and blew it! He DID give me his Instagram and asked to go for drinks afterwards BUT by the time the festival finished it was midnight and there was no way I could get home at a good time. I live 2 hours away from the festival sooo.... I said next time I'm in the city he can show me around, he's only been in Australia for 2 weeks so I bet he felt flattered haha. 

However, there's more. Officer also went to the festival and he found me at the beginning. He wore the cutest orange button-up. He recently got his nose pierced and it looks so cute. I actually don't remember what he looked like before he got it. He also found me at the very end of the night too, we totally made out before I had to go. AHHH I don't wanna admit it but I'm kinda falling for him. We have another date on Thursday night to the Arcade which is great but a little weird. Just because my ex and I went to the arcades all the time together, regardless though I haven't been in FOREVER so I'm still super excited.

Tell me, what's something you could never do with your partner or friends because it's been ruined by an ex-partner or friend? 

Love chatting with you babe, Princess xx

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