work rant ? life rant

i hate labour so fucking much I can't stand it I want to rip it out of the spine of society

i quit every job I get after a maximum of a year, minimum of a month. Or I get fired. I don't care, my mom raised a quitter and I have an abundant mindset, I'll always find my way.

now I work at a post office, and I have to say it's the most chill job I ever had, it's even enjoyable at times. But Going To Work Is A Mental Challenge.

Why must we drag ourselves outside our comfortable homes to "deserve" a semi fulfilling life that we didn't even decide to have in the first place

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what would you do otherwise

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I would love to work in a thrift shop or bookstore. Doesn't feel so jarring and stuck up

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Least you have the 'luxury' of being able to obtain a stable govmnt job

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