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first blog!!

Hello, heyspace!! I'm not sure how blogs are supposed to go but i guess you just talk about stuff that happens in your life? ??

well, one notable right now is joining heyspace!! !
it's been really awesome so far,,, i've made a few friends too! I havent talked to any of them, but the one who introduced me to it was Sol !! I met them on pesterchum yesterday and they were really cool to talk with  :DD

ever since i joined here i've been trying to make myself a nicer profile, but people keep adding me and i always worry i leave a bad first impression with it ;w;
to make it i just take bits and pieces from profiles i like and customize it to fit how i want it to look!! kinda tedious tbh.. but it works!!

anyway.. i have school in like.. 30 minutes, so i should probably go!! goodbye :]

- OE

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