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Electric Dreams (REAL REVIEW)

PHENOMENAL FILM...................(spoilers)

I went into it expecting a somewhat normal film, but holy moly, They Really Did That. I liked the soundtrack, of course all of the funky love songs would appeal to me. It was a cute love story with a completely bonkers premise. It could have so easily been a horror film but instead it was just kinda funny-scary. But it was great, I highly recommend watching. Edgar is so fun I love his cute little voice. He is a menace.

Oh also the website I was watching it on had really messed up captions and at one point when Madeline is asking Miles if he had a girlfriend the captions changed "girlfriend" to "boyfriend" and.. yeah, I had a bit of a Laugh.

Anyway new favourite silly computer character who has made me feel emotions by having a dramatic death scene where they talk quite calmly to the main human character while awaiting death. (Guess who the other one is!)

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