I think my crush likes my bff

!This is kinda a vent!

So as it says in the title I think my crush (we will call J) has a crush on my bff (we will call M) 

My first reasoning is that J and M where friends before I even talked to J but M and I have been friends for 2 years 

I don’t think M would date my crush tho he’s not her typ but M has been kinda mad at me for hanging out w/ someone else so she may rub it in if he does 

My other reason is that J said he had a crush I asked who and he said it wasn’t me ( so I have no chance) J than gave my bff a pin and J has the matching one 

I just sucks sense my bff is super popular and she’s confident and also sporty she is amazing and I’m just her less attractive friend :(

She is everything I’m not

M douse this thing where she points why I’m not there typ or there not my typ  M even said with my crush on J that they where friends longer and it just didn’t sit w/ me :( 

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