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- ur a proshipper, bigot, dream (minecraft) fan, gatekeeper,
- If you put the milk in before the cereal (cereal first truthers plz interact)
- If you think socks and sandals are a human rights violation
- If either you clap after the plane has landed or say "It's so cold!!!!!" when experiencing 60-68 degree weather
- Despise ur mom jokes (I will be doing ur mom)
- If you think minecraft parodies are cringe
- If ur younger than 16/17 and/or your account is private  

Before U step into the 2000-2010 time capsule that is my page:

~ I am Autistic
~ I use Neopronouns (Void/Voids/Voidself and It/Its/Itself)
~ I block people who break my boundaries. I also unfollow people at random, if I do unfollow you it's nothing personal (unless you broke a boundary, then it is :p)
~ I have headmates!! I'm not sure if it's related to osdd (I still need to do more research) but they will be here from time to time (Their names are Red and Bloo)
~ I really like scenecore and things that would be considered "cringe" 

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