💤How to lucid dream💤

As a pro lucid dreamer heres some tips:

1. (I can’t really remember where I found this info but it worked) 
This may be a nuisance if you’re a tummy or side sleeper, but whilst in bed try to lay on your back with spread out arms and legs. 
(Floating on top of water typa spread lol) and make sure you’re comfy and there’s no distractions.  

2. Stay as still as a mannequin. DO NOT MOVE. Slip into your sleep while as still as possible. It won’t feel natural at first but you may feel inclinations to even itch (but that’s just your brain trying to search for a reason to move as you’re awake, So it’s best to take some melatonin or whatever helps you sleep so it’s easier to sleep.)

3. While you’re laying still try to imagine pure static/go into brain empty mode. No worries, no urgencys, like meditating but laying down. 

4. Try to document your dreams in a dream journal, even if they don’t make sense or you can only remember bits and pieces just keep it in your memory. Write about not only what occurred in the dream but also how it made you feel :)

Emphasis on step 4,, that reminisce and reflect repetition is what trains your dream brain to be stronger.
✦Strong dream brain = consciousness while in a dreaming state.

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Idk...Everytime I lucid dream im just concious in a dream, but can't do anything. I can't change places, can't make things appear, can't do anything. I can't control anything in that dream. I just walk around trying to do something till it ends. And lately everytime I lucid dream im out at night in the streets and Im just running, looking for something to do, but never find anything. What's the deal with that?

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I believe thats called illucid dreaming/a form of sleep paralysis. that has happened to me before but not too often. In a way where im stuck in a dark void and couldn’t breath, yet i was conscious calling for help and trying to wake myself up. Those sort of dreams are so fascinating. Terrifying, but interesting.

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A form of sleep paralysis because your conscious but not completely in control, i imagine.

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Huh....Well yeah, i expirience that part too, where im trying to wake up and I feel like im slowly shifting from dream to reality, and it helps to stay calm and to breath to do it, but that only happens if I imagine something scary in that dream and I force myself to wake up. But I think you're right

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