~ Highschool Photos ~ (+talking)

Felt like sharing because they did me so wrong junior year.

Freshmen Year -Β Yeah um. No lips, no hair, not smiling, getting depressed vibes. The damn hair swoop to the side ain't it. I remember not knowing it was picture day and "didn't care" lmao. I taped a sticky note over my picture all year, yeah that shows how much I don't care.Β 

It was this year covid started-

Sophmore Year -Β Alrighhtt I got some style and I'm actually smiling wow. I loved my hair at the time, this is the year I started to be alternative right after coming back from school, a total glow up and people started talking to me lol. Not that I didnt have friend before but I wasn't being outcasted much anymore. ANywhoo look at my eyeliner- its wonky but unique.Β 

Junior Year - I was violated. The photographers that year fucked everyone over on their picture. I was so goddamn confident that my picture was gonna be STUNNING but intead what they did with my picture was vile. But trust me I was looking so good that day. I was really social that year made a killer friend group that disbanded seinor year but it was so fun while it lasted.

Senior Year -Β I don't have a picture for this year. I switched over to homeschooling which didn't require me to have a school ID. I kinda wish I was still in public school but I'm graduating soon and honestly I'm happier now that I'm not involved in pointless drama. I loved and hated highschool, being able to talk to people everyday I didn't think I'd miss so much. Fuck getting up in the morings tho I'm glad I have my own schedule now.

(ya'll also have permission to roast me lol)

Thanks for reading if you did^^

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Definitely some improvement in the photos :]

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Thanks for being nice about it lmao

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