February 7th 2023

Today could have been better.

My day started off with me waking up later than usual.  I forgot to set my alarm for this morning.  Luckily my father woke me up around the time I usually get dressed.  

When I wake up late my entire morning routine is messed up.  Usually my routine goes:

  • Wake up at ten of five in the morning.
  • Use the bathroom and weigh myself.
  • Make breakfast and pack my lunch.
  • Watch YouTube until my father gets out of the bathroom.
  • Watch news with my father until five thirty.
  • Get dressed for work.
  • Start car if it's cold outside.
  • Fill up my water bottle.
  • Leave for work.
I like to do my routine every day during the work week.  If I don't, it seems that my entire day goes wrong.

Anyways, once I arrived at work I learned that there was only two things known that needed to be done.  I thought today was going to be an easy day.

Sadly, Theo forgot to mention all the contractors we had coming in today.  We had four separate contractors come in today.  People working on the floor, the washing machines, the soap lines for the washing machines, and the security gate.  I'm just happy that I was able to get off on time.  

After work I was looking forward to my lover coming over to my house.  He asked me to call him as soon as I got off and I did.  Turned out he wanted to go to the Dunkin down the street from my work.  We went together and ate, as well as talked about our day.  Sadly, he wanted to go to Dunkin with me because he promised his great-grandmother to help out with her television.  She lives over half an hour away from me so he wasn't going to have enough energy to drive back to my home once he was done.

I informed him that we wouldn't really be able to hang out tomorrow either as I have a wedding to attend.  He wasn't invited because it was strictly family only.  We have both agreed on Thursday being the day we hang out, as well as out nine month anniversary on Saturday.

Once I arrived home I saw that I had a package.  My guitar came in today!  It was bigger than I thought but the only other guitars I've played were the little ones made for kids.  I immediately opened her up and she was beautiful!  I downloaded yousician for the free tuner and then flew to YouTube as that's how I learned ukulele.

I really hope I wasn't scammed out of two hundred dollars as the chords don't exactly sound right to me.  I hope it's just because I have a larger guitar than what I'm used to.

After dinner I'm going to walk around a bit and do some exercise as well as shower.  Once I'm done with those things, I'm going to work on my guitar playing some more.

Unlike when I was learning the ukulele, I don't have an abundance of free time on my hands.  When I first started playing the ukulele I was in a program called home hospital.  It was a home schooling program for students in the middle of a medical crisis.  I was bouncing in and out of mental hospitals so my parents enrolled me in the program to keep me on track.  I ended up having a lot of free time on my hands so I picked up the ukulele.

I hope I can get the hang of playing the guitar as fast as I did the ukulele.

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