018 - Art

Some stuff focused around my 'main ocs' atm; aka my OCs who are from the game I'm making :3

Something from OCTober! Some OCs dressing up
[L->: Akira dressed up as Akira Date from Kamen Rider / Nozomu and Yukio as Tsumuji and Coco from the movie Picnic /  Ai as Mima from Perfect Blue  /   Kazuki and Kaname as Ragna the Bloodedge and Hazama from BlazBlue /  Hachi as Dejiko from Di Gi Charat]

And some old painty stuff from last spring, ft the main charas of my game
[Pre-game] Arakawa


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These are really cool!

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Thank you!!!! ^o^!!!

by Brie; ; Report


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Love it! <3<3

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Thank you so much!!!! <333

by Brie; ; Report