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i stole this #lastword

tell us about yourself

name: lara

nickname: laura
zodiac sign: gemini 
eye colour: brown
hair colour: tints of gold to brown
hair type: both straight and curly (im chinese and jamaican)
height: i forgot
your heritage: apple
what's your middle name?: i do not have one
shoes you wore today: i forgot
your weakness: anger
your fear: the dark (i watch scary stories)
goal you would like to achieve this year: death banana
first thought when you wake up: good morning
best physical feature: my legs
who is your bestest friend?: i dont havea friend
when is your bedtime?: please dontbully me but 9 pm - 9:30 pm
your most cherished memory: i traded nitro for feet
pepsi or coke?: coke
mcdonalds or burger king?: mcdonalds
single or group dates?: single
what is the last song you sang?: angel with a shotgun
does playing the guitar make a person more attractive?: ❌
what is your biggest pet peeve?: threats
have you ever drank?: yep
have you ever been drunk?: nope
have you ever smoked?: no
do you sing?: always
do you want to go to college?: no
have you ever been in love?: nope
do you want to get married?: no
do you believe in yourself?: no
do you believe in others?: no
do you like thunderstorms?: bed
do you play an instrument?: no
what country would you like to visit?: jamaica
how many CDs do you own?: none
how many DVDs do you own?: none
how many tattoos do you have?: none
how many piercings do you have?: none
how many things in the past do you regret?: how much i wanna kill myself

shoes: idk 
radio station: idek
drink: water
car: idek either
place: my bed
song: every
movie: i dont watch movies
moment: sleep
colour: steel blue
meal: hard boiled egg

in a person
eye colour: AHHHHHHHHHHH
hair colour: i dont care
short or long hair: long
height: same for below

body type: same for below
ethnicity: i do not care which
piercings: no
tattoos: 1

idfc tbh

bedside manner
do you think you are attractive?: no
are you attracted to someone who does not know it?: no
would you like to be someone's fantasy?: ofc not
hunter or hunted?: WHAT
cuddles in general?: to myself yea

right now
what is today's date?: February 7, 2023
what time is it?: 1:48 PM [EST]
who are you thinking of?: none
what are you listening to?: none 
do you love someone?: no
does someone love you?: mom
is it raining?: no
how many spacehey friends do you have?: 4
are you happy?: frown

 i have a fart and feet fetish

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